On the milestone of our 5th anniversary, we at Future Africa Group are proud to reflect on the past half a decade of our impact work and announce our expanded brand, Future Africa Group, which will now house Future Africa Forum and Future Africa Consulting.

Looking Back: The History and Origin of Future Africa Group

Our organization was born out of personal frustration as well as a need to see African economies and societies functioning better for their citizens. Our Founder and African Entrepreneur, Gerald Chirinda, faced government bureaucracy when trying to get a license for an education finance company that he co-founded in Zimbabwe in 2014. He experienced an 8-month wait for a process that was supposed to take 8 weeks. At that point, he asked himself why things work the way they do, why things are slow to get done, and what the disconnect is between business and government. And so in an attempt to answer these questions and resolve these issues, Future Africa Forum was established in 2018 as a platform for African thought leadership to provide thought partnership to organizations, governments, and institutions that are intent on building a better Africa. 

Over the past 5 years, Future Africa Forum has brought together the most remarkable young African thinkers to research, implement and amplify bold ideas and solutions to create tangible and sustainable change across the continent. Executing our vision under the 3 guiding pillars of building Economic Futures, Societal Futures, and Resilient Futures, we have developed first-class interventions in health systems strengthening, youth empowerment and livelihoods, as well as trade and digital economy, among other areas. Moreover, we leveraged our expertise and knowledge to engage policymakers, business leaders, and development organizations, creating demand beyond our original mandate, hence we are now expanding our offering with the addition of Future Africa Consulting under our overarching Future Africa Group brand. 

Looking forward: What you can expect from the rebranded Future Africa Group 

This new direction also signals growth in our team, our expertise, and more importantly, it showcases sustainability as we are proximate actors living and working across Africa. Our deep experience of working and living in Africa and our immersion in youth contexts position us well to guide local and international organizations to better engage with key demographics and deepen their work across geographies or sectors.

The introduction of our new Consulting unit will also allow us to be more focused and intentional with our interventions. It will afford us the opportunity to serve our clients and partners better as we now have an expanded mandate that is carefully tailored to address their needs. 

Prospects for the future

As an organization that prides itself in nurturing and amplifying solutions for Africa by Africa, we are excited to increase our offering, and we welcome every opportunity to build partnerships inspired and guided by the values and culture of the Future Africa Group with more policymakers, business leaders, and development actors for a better Africa.